Car Sharing

In August 2015, the University of Alberta partnered with Pogo CarShare. Pogo is a new service offering members access to a pool of vehicles located within a defined zone in Edmonton, including North Campus and Enterprise Square. 

Carpooling & Rideshare

The University of Alberta community has access to a range of carpooling or rideshare options in Edmonton. Free matching services are available through through Kijiji and CarpoolWorld

Carpoolers can access preferential parking rates on North Campus through Parking Services. A carpool is defined as three or more University of Alberta staff or students, residing at different addresses, who choose to drive together as their regular means of commuting to the University. Carpool stalls offer subscribers premium location parking stalls in high-demand facilities.

In addition, there are a number of Park and Ride sites available throughout the city that individuals can take advantage of.  

Augustana Campus, which is rural and unserviced by public transit, operates an electronic message board, The Forum, to help students, staff and faculty coordinate carpooling with one another.

Campus Vehicle Fleet

The University of Alberta is taking positive steps to create a more environmentally-friendly vehicle fleet. The vehicle pool is committed to gradually replacing its fleet with hybrid or ultra fuel efficient models whenever a feasible option exists. The university has: 

  • 17 gasoline-electric, non-plug-in hybrids
  • 1 plug-in hybrid
  • 20 100% electric vehicles

Buildings and Grounds Services operates solar-powered electric grounds carts to transport staff around the grounds. A solar installation is planned to charge the vehicles in the winter months, which would allow the vehicles to operate completely off-grid.

Four hybrid delivery vans and two hybrid medium delivery trucks were purchased in 2009, making the university the first educational institution with hybrid mail trucks. In addition to these purchases, multiple van and truck trips on campus have been eliminated by providing a shuttle van for trades groups to move around campus.

Idling Reduction

The university has implemented an idling reduction campaign on North Campus. The Care for Our Air campaign rolled out in 2008. Components of this program include advertising and education regarding being idle free and the installation of “Please Don’t Idle” signs on all five campuses.

Check out the Care for Our Air toolkit.