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Sustainability Scholars sponsors University of Alberta graduate students to work on applied research projects. Edmonton is Canada's second fastest growing city and has committed to ambitious sustainability goals with The Way We Green environmental strategic plan. The majority of Sustainability Scholars projects were developed by City of Edmonton staff in need of research in order to move foward with their sustainability goals. This applied research is key to helping the city understand its options for meeting its sustainability goals.

2016 Projects

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Implementing sustainable goals with the catalysis team

A. Lucas dos Santos

Food Waste Behaviours: Influences and impacts on residential waste and waste reduction

Amanda Evans

Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) educational framework

Aryan Karimi

Building information modelling (BIM) guidelines research

Beda Barkokebas

Stormwater harvesting, irrigation and plant health

Dareskedar Amsalu

Sustainability of Edmonton's business revitalization and main streets, City of Edmonton

Eba Tefera

LINK.EDM: Redefining engagement

Karly Coleman

Sustainable swag pilot project

Kateryna Pashkovska

Comparative analysis of realized energy efficiency for LEED-designed building

Nafisa Mahbub

Air quality monitoring of Edmonton's fine particulate matter response plan initiatives

Pooya Shariaty

Availability of breastfeeding support at University of Alberta: An analysis of physical facilities, policies and environment

Shela Hirani

Edmonton Valley Zoo Sustainability Plan

Appendix: Brochure

Scott Boyce

Performance measures demonstrating the positive impacts of hazardous materials operations

Shuo Zhang

Neighbourhood nodes: priority setting, economic factors and best practices review

Trina Lamanes

The case for office space: the importance of office design and employee wellness

Zaneta Chui

Reducing water contamination and loss at the Edmonton Fire Rescue Services training facility

Zayed Almansouri

Early detection & rapid response (EDRR) to invasive plants

Zi Huang

2015 Projects

The first six Sustainability Scholars completed their projects from April to July, 2015. Their City of Edmonton mentors were Robyn Webb, Barbara Daly, Jim Andrais, Daniel Laubhann, Chandra Tomaras, and Lara Arjan. Learn how each of the Sustainability Scholars benefited from their experience and read their final reports, available for download below.

Portrait of young man in suit.

Increasing Household Energy Efficiency: Influencing behavior change

Kurt Borth

Portrait of young man in suit.

Brownfield redevelopment inventory

Jeff Seaman

Portrait of young man in suit.

Promoting infill as sustainable practice

Luca Petryshyn

Portrait of young man in suit.

Integrated Pest Management Plans for Himalayan Balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) and Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) for the City of Edmonton

Hosen Alam

Portrait of young woman in business jacket.

Energy mapping: the power of potential energy

Marni Devlin Moses

Portrait of young man in suit.

Evaluation of the potential and readiness of Edmonton to adopt electric vehicles

Alireza Talaei


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