Annie Leonard

On November 17, 2011, Annie Leonard presented her iconic talk, "The Story of Stuff" at the University of Alberta.

Annie Leonard is the author and host of The Story of Stuff, a video and accompanying book that tracks the life of our everyday stuff—cell phones, laptops, aluminum pop cans, and t-shirts. She argues that we use too much stuff and that, furthermore, much of it is toxic. The Story of Stuff has been watched over 13 million times online and in more than 200 territories since its launch, making it one of the most successful environmental-themed viral videos of all time.

Annie has spent nearly two decades investigating and organizing on environmental health and justice issues. She has traveled to 40 countries, visiting hundreds of factories where our stuff is made and the dumps where our stuff ends up. Witnessing first-hand the impacts of both over- and under-consumption around the world, Annie is fiercely dedicated to reclaiming and transforming our industrial and economic systems so they serve, rather than undermine, ecological and social sustainability.

Did You Know?

Annie Leonard's lecture kicked off the celebration of Buy Nothing Day 2011.