What level will you reach? Bronze, Silver, Gold. Green Spaces Certification.

Green Spaces Certification

The Green Spaces Certification program is a three-level, voluntary certification process that encourages people in work, school, and living spaces on campus to adopt sustainable practices and green their operations.

Program participants will sign up for the program and identify a leader who will guide the completion of a series of sustainable actions outlined in a checklist, which is customizable based on the needs of your space. Once it is completed, your area will become recognized with either Bronze, Silver or Gold certification through the Green Spaces program.

What would you like to certify?

Green Spaces Certification: Events.Green Spaces Certification: Offices.Green Spaces Certification: Labs.Green Spaces Certification: Residences.

You can learn more about energy reduction with Green Spaces.

Envision: intelligent energy reduction

Learn more about reducing your energy impact at home and on campus with Envision

About Green Spaces

Green Spaces celebrates the efforts of the green and gold offices, labs, residences and events striving for sustainability.

Learn more by watching this Green Spaces Presentation.

For more information, to apply for certification, or to share your story, email green.spaces@ualberta.ca.