Facilities & Operations

This focus area is largely lead by units within in Facilities & Operations portfolio. 

The Energy Management and Sustainable Operations unit champions sustainability across the Facilities & Operations portfolio by facilitating goal-setting, identifying best practices, and creating opportunities to advance sustainability. They engage staff involved with building design & construction, utilities, buildings & grounds maintenance, dining services, parking services, residence operations and many other operational services and infrastructure that keep the university running. They receive advice from the Facilities & Operations Sustainability Committee.

The Buildings and Grounds Services unit chairs the university's Waste Diversion Working Group and plays a lead role in securing BOMA BESt ratings for existing buildings.  

Planning and Project Delivery builds new facilities and engages the campus in aspects of long range development planning and building design. 

Utilities operates one of the largest campus district energy systems in North America.  

The Office of Sustainability and Supply Management Services co-chair the Sustainable Purchasing Working Group. 

  • Energy Tracker System
  • Envision Energy Management Program
  • Green Building Certification
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting
  • Renewable Energy Projects
  • District Energy System Interpretive Centre
  • Sustainable Purchasing Working Group
  • Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Reporting System
  • Sustainable Turf Management Pilot Study
  • Travel Demand Management Study
  • Waste Diversion Working Group