Our People

Office of Sustainability

Name Title Phone Email
Shannon Leblanc Transition lead  780-492-7162 shannon.leblanc@ualberta.ca
Nathalie Walker Project Services Coordinator  780-492-9289 nathalie.walker@ualberta.ca
Kurt Borth Project Planner - Academic & Strategic Initiatives  780-492-6893 borth@ualberta.ca
Michelle Hauer Project Planner - Green Buildings & Sustainability Reporting  780-492-9326 mshauer@ualberta.ca
Aphra Sutherland Associate Project Planner  780-492-6889 aphra.sutherland@ualberta.ca
Angelica Almeria Student Intern    
Outreach & Engagement    
Kayleigh Wiebe Project Planner  780-492-6472 kayleigh.wiebe@ualberta.ca
Maja Osmanagic Project Planner  780-248-1916 maja.osmanagic@ualberta.ca
Ivan Ngandjui Touko Associate Project Planner (Co-op Student)  780-492-6363 touko@ualberta.ca
Alycia Pollard Associate Project Planner (Co-op Student)  780-492-6363 apollard@ualberta.ca
Behn Jang Senior Student Intern     
Yashashwinee Parmar Senior Student Intern     
Manoj Ananthanarayanan Student Intern
Rayleigh Conley Student Intern  

Greg Dobbelsteyn Student Intern    
Stephanie Kerik Student Intern    
Marina Saporito Student Intern    
Nirwair Singh Bajawa Student Intern    
Project Planner 780-492-6876 trevor.chowfraser@ualberta.ca
Angela Johnston  Associate Project Planner - Writer 780-492-2808
Eric Athanas Associate Project Planner - Graphic Design 780-492-9827 athanas@ualberta.ca

Sustainability Scholarship & Education, Office of the Provost

Name Title Phone Email
Wendy Rodgers   Deputy Provost 
Frank Robinson  Director, Certificate in Sustainability   780-990-7487  frank.robinson@ualberta.ca 
Robert Summers Director, Sustainability Scholars   780-492-0342 robert.summers@ualberta.ca 
Justis Allard Academic Assistant  780-904-9104 justis@ualberta.ca

Energy Management & Sustainable Operations, Facilities & Operations

Name Title Phone Email
Michael Versteege Manager
 780-492-4024 mike.versteege@ualberta.ca
Lauren Hall Program Coordinator  780-492-5206 lauren.hall@ualberta.ca
Shannon Leblanc Program Coordinator  780-248-1489  shannon.leblanc@ualberta.ca
Leila Fanaeian Sustainability Assistant  780-248-5684 leila.fanaeian@ualberta.ca

Sustainability Change Leaders

Name Title Phone Email
Wendy Abel Director, Procurement & Contracts, Supply Management Services
Topics: Sourcing strategies, purchasing systems,  contracts for goods & services
 780-492-3786 wendy.abel@ualberta.ca
Catherine Anley Employment Equity Advisor, Human Resource Services
Topics: Equity, diversity, inclusion
 780-492-3020 catherine.anley@ualberta.ca
Lilas Bielopotocky  Manager, Food Services, Augustana Campus
Topics: local food, organic food
 780-679-1128  lilas.bielopotocky@ualberta.ca 
Chris Blades Manager, Facilities and Operations, Augustana Campus
Topics: recycling, buildings, grounds
 780-679-1605 chris.blades@ualberta.ca
Ray Dumouchel  Associate Director, Buildings & Ground Services
Topics: Waste diversion, recycling, green cleaning, organics collection, transportation demand management, BOMA BEST, landscaping
 780-492-4048 ray.dumouchel@ualberta.ca
Lorraine Huntley  Support services Coordinator, Contract Services, Ancillary Services
Topics: local food, organic food, Dining Services 
 780-492-6066  lorraine.huntley@ualberta.ca 
Ben Louie
University Architect, Director. Office of the University Architect
Topics: Campus planning, campus architecture, capital & renovation projects
Dolores March   General Manager, Hospitality Services, Ancillary Services
Topics: Greening conferences, Green Key Hotels, EcoStay Program
 780-492-6051  dolores.march@ualberta.ca
Geraldine McCune  Manager, Organizational Health and Effectiveness, Human Resources
Topics: Staff health and wellness, staff orientation
 780-492-5399  gmccune@ualberta.ca
Karsten Mundel  Associate Dean (Academic), Augustana Campus
Topics: Learning, Advising and Beyond Office
 780-679-1557 kmundel@ualberta.ca
Robert Munro   Director, Environment Health and Safety, Human Resources 
Topics: Hazardous waste, lab safety, green labs
 780-492-3710  rbmunro@ualberta.ca
Geoff Rode Director of Operations, Ancillary Services 
Topics: Parking Services, Transportation Demand Management
 780-492-6915  geoff.rode@ualberta.ca 
Terrence Sperling  Associate Director, Residence Operations, Ancillary Services
Topics: All aspects of facilities in residence 
 780-492-6064  terry.sperling@ualberta.ca