Our People

Office of Sustainability

Name Title Phone Email
Trina Innes Chief Sustainability Officer 780-492-7162 trina.innes@ualberta.ca
Nathalie Walker Project Services Coordinator 780-492-9289 nathalie.walker@ualberta.ca
Kurt Borth Project Planner 780-492-6893 borth@ualberta.ca
Sascha Jansz Project Planner 780-289-4628 jansz@ualberta.ca
Nicole Martin Associate Project Planner  780-492-6889 nbmartin@ualberta.ca
Outreach & Engagement    
Kayleigh Wiebe Project Planner 780-492-6472 kayleigh.wiebe@ualberta.ca
Maja Osmanagic Project Planner 780-248-1916 maja.osmanagic@ualberta.ca
Jasmine Farahbakhsh Associate Project Planner 780-492-6896 jasmine.farahbakhsh@ualberta.ca
Program Lead 780-492-6876 trevor.chowfraser@ualberta.ca
Angela Johnston  Associate Project Planner 780-492-2808
Eric Athanas Associate Project Planner 780-492-9827 athanas@ualberta.ca

Sustainability Scholarship & Education, Office of the Provost

Name Title Phone Email
Wendy Rodgers   Deputy Provost 
Vacant Academic Director

Frank Robinson  Co-Director, Certificate in Sustainability  780-990-7487  frank.robinson@ualberta.ca 
Robert Summers Co-Director, Sustainability Scholars  780-492-0342 robert.summers@ualberta.ca 
Justis Allard Academic Assistant 780-904-9104 justis@ualberta.ca

Energy Management & Sustainable Operations, Facilities & Operations

Name Title Phone Email
Michael Versteege Manager
780-492-4024 mike.versteege@ualberta.ca
Lauren Hall Sustainability Coordinator 780-492-5206 lauren.hall@ualberta.ca
Shannon Leblanc Sustainability Coordinator 780-248-1489  shannon.leblanc@ualberta.ca
Leila Fanaeian Sustainability Assistant leila.fanaeian@ualberta.ca

Sustainability Change Leaders

Name Title Phone Email
Wendy Abel Director, Procurement & Contracts, Supply Management Services
Topics: Sourcing strategies, purchasing systems,  contracts for goods & services
780-492-3786 wendy.abel@ualberta.ca
Catherine Anley Employment Equity Advisor, Human Resource Services
Topics: Equity, diversity, inclusion
780-492-3020 catherine.anley@ualberta.ca
Lilas Bielopotocky  Manager, Food Services, Augustana Campus
Topics: local food, organic food
780-679-1128  lilas.bielopotocky@ualberta.ca 
Ray Dumouchel  Associate Director, Buildings & Ground Services
Topics: Waste diversion, recycling, green cleaning, organics collection, transportation demand management, BOMA BEST, landscaping
780-492-4048 ray.dumouchel@ualberta.ca
Lorraine Huntley  Support services Coordinator, Contract Services, Ancillary Services
Topics: local food, organic food, Dining Services 
780-492-6066  lorraine.huntley@ualberta.ca 
Ben Louie
University Architect, Director. Office of the University Architect
Topics: Campus planning, campus architecture, capital & renovation projects
Dolores March   General Manager, Hospitality Services, Ancillary Services
Topics: Greening conferences, Green Key Hotels, EcoStay Program
780-492-6051  dolores.march@ualberta.ca
Geraldine McCune  Manager, Organizational Health and Effectiveness, Human Resources
Topics: Staff health and wellness, staff orientation
780-492-5399  gmccune@ualberta.ca
Robert Munro   Director, Environment Health and Safety, Human Resources 
Topics: Hazardous waste, lab safety, green labs
780-492-3710  rbmunro@ualberta.ca
Geoff Rode Director of Operations, Ancillary Services 
Topics: Parking Services, Transportation Demand Management
780-492-6915  geoff.rode@ualberta.ca 
Terrence Sperling  Associate Director, Residence Operations, Ancillary Services
Topics: All aspects of facilities in residence 
780-492-6064  terry.sperling@ualberta.ca