Building with yellow metal siding swoops up and across blue glass fronting.

Cooling Plant on Campus (CPOC)

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The Cooling Plant on Campus (CPOC) is unusually public for an industrial building, located beside one of the busiest teaching & research facilities, a large performing arts complex, 1,600 students living in residence and within sight of an LRT station. Though few will enter, thousands see this unique green building every day.

As an integral part of the university’s District Energy System, which provides efficient, centralized utility services, CPOC is key to the sustainability of most buildings on North Campus. Behind the stylized gold façade, CPOC is itself one of the university’s greenest buildings. Site planning, energy efficiency, water conservation and more contribute to this building’s LEED® Gold certification.

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Cooling Plant on Campus - ONPA Architects
This project is an example of architectural design tailored to suit its specific context and aesthetic vision, as well as the operational concerns of efficiency and adaptability.

Chilled Water - Facilities & Operations
The Cooling Plant on Campus is part of a larger system provisioning all of North Campus.

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Office of Sustainability

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This building is part of the District Energy System. Tours can be arranged through the Office of Sustainability.

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