Construction & Demolition Recycling

The University of Alberta has developed several policies and programs to ensure buildings meet the requirements of green building certification.

Construction & Recycling

It is now standard practice to use green construction and demolition techniques for the reuse, removal and recycling of building materials at the University of Alberta. These techniques have already been showcased in several major projects.

When renovating the Civil Engineering wing, for example, more than 200 thirty yard bins of refuse were sent to recyclers instead of the landfill. Materials recycled included drywall, steel studs, steel piping, galvanized iron, sheet metal, coils, copper and masonry. Additionally, brick from the roof top machine room was reused in the construction.

During the renovation of Enterprise Square, material from the demolition was salvaged for recycling and reuse. The efforts recovered in excess of 85 per cent of the interior demolition material, 75 per cent of the rooftop materials. 95 per cent of the steel and concrete refuse was recovered. The emergency generator was removed and transferred to South Campus for use as a backup. In addition, 414,000 pounds of exterior Tyndall stone was removed from the building and is now being used in multiple projects including the gateway signs located around all university campuses. 

Green Building Certification

To ensure high sustainability performance, the University of Alberta has certified several of the newest buildings under LEED and Green Globes. Many existing buildings are also certified using BOMA BEST. Learn more about these systems and see which buildings have reached silver and gold.

Go Deeper with SIMS

Sustainability Information Management System (SIMS) is a library of collects resources and materials related to sustainability features of University of Alberta buildings. It ensures that green building information is centralized, accessible and accurate. Members of the public, green building professionals and other institutions can request access to certain materials within SIMS to help further their own green building projects.

Please submit your request by email and include your name, organization, the information you are looking for and your intended purpose for the materials.

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