Cleaning For A Healthy U

The University of Alberta developed green cleaning guidelines as part of its Cleaning for a Healthy U program, which was established in 2008. The goal of the program is to reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds and airborne particulates creating a healthier environment for students, faculty and staff. Guidelines are updated on an ongoing basis as equipment, products and techniques change. All products used to clean university facilities must meet the criteria established in Cleaning for a Healthy U.

The University of Alberta’s Buildings and Grounds Services works in partnership with their primary custodial services corporations: Avmor, Wesclean Equipment & Cleaning Supplies and BeeClean Building Maintenance. 

Green Cleaning Materials

  • Contain no carcinogens, VOCs or other harmful ingredients
  • UL EcoLogo certified cleaning products
  • Bottles contain 25 per cent post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Highly-concentrated to reduce energy use associated with transportation
  • Third-party certified to ensure environmental compliance
  • Offer sustainable floor care

Minimizing waste

The university also strives to minimize waste in its cleaning regime, using recycled products whenever possible:

  • Green cleaning products are ordered in recyclable containers and in reduced packaging format
  • Paper towels purchased by the university are FSC® certified and contain 60 per cent recycled fibre (40 per cent post-consumer waste)
  • New water-ionizing cleaning equipment requires 33 per cent less water than before. Estimated water savings are between 60 – 70 thousand gallons per year
  • Bathroom tissue purchased by the university is Green Seal™ certified and contains 100 per cent recycled fibres (70 per cent post-consumer recycled content)

Using the more efficient hallway cleaning machines, as well as greater use of hand-held active ion technology has lead to an overall reduction in the amount of chemicals needed for cleaning.

Green Building Certification

To ensure high sustainability performance, the University of Alberta has certified several of the newest buildings under LEED and Green Globes. Many existing buildings are also certified using BOMA BEST. Learn more about these systems and see which buildings have reached silver and gold.

Go Deeper with SIMS

Sustainability Information Management System (SIMS) is a library of collects resources and materials related to sustainability features of University of Alberta buildings. It ensures that green building information is centralized, accessible and accurate. Members of the public, green building professionals and other institutions can request access to certain materials within SIMS to help further their own green building projects.

Please submit your request by email and include your name, organization, the information you are looking for and your intended purpose for the materials.

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