Renewable Energy

Renewable and Alternative Energy Projects

Renewable and alternative energy are a crucial focus area of Envision. To learn more about planned and completed projects visit this summary or check out the interactive project map developed by Energy Management Sustainable Operations.

Project Spotlights

Solar-electric generation

In 2014, the Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre opened with an innovative building-integrated solar photovoltaic system, the largest in Canada. Located on our Augustana Campus in Camrose, this 550-seat theatre's 20 meter high flytower has solar panels installed on all sides, producing up to 122 kW of clean electricity. Check out their online dashboard!

The Medical Isotope and Cyclotron Facility’s integrated solar photovoltaic system went live in 2013. These solar panels have a capacity of 23 kW, potentially reducing the university’s greenhouse gas emissions by 25 tonnes per year.

Solar-thermal heating

In 2010, Augustana Campus installed ten solar-thermal panels on the roof of Convocation Centre. These panels use the sun's warmth to pre-heat the domestic hot water supply. All of campus is served by this hot water, although the primary users are the cafeteria, kitchen and gym. Augustana's solar-thermal system reduces the cafeteria and gym's water-heating requirements by approximately 20 to 30 per cent. An online dashboard hosted by Augustana Sustainability shares energy and carbon savings with the public.

Did You Know?

The Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre is one of the first in North America to exclusively use LED lighting throughout, including theatre, front of house and exterior. Control systems allow the lights to be easily programmed to conserve energy saving up to $35,000 per year. 

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