Energy Analytics

The energy analytics initiative will employ an Enterprise Energy Information Management System (EEIMS) to improve facilities management and develop a long term strategy for energy cost reduction. The EEIMS will consolidate, analyze and normalize various real-time and historical energy related data sources. This information can then be used to provide a series of functions that include energy usage history, benchmarking, recognition of anomalies, display on dashboards, and fault diagnostics and detection.

Utilities Greenhouse Gas Reporting

In addition to the voluntary greenhouse gas emissions inventory managed by the Energy Management and Sustainable Operations unit, the university’s heating plant reports emissions to the federal and provincial governments. Details of that reporting can be found here:


Facilities and Operations participates in the university’s submission to the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS) coordinated by the Office of Sustainability. 

NACUBO/APPA Key Facilities Metrics

The NACUBO/APPA Key Facilities Metrics Survey is a tool that was developed to help facilities managers in the higher education sector track and benchmark facility performance. The metrics this survey tracks are energy use, water consumption; waste output; and carbon footprint. Facilities and Operations reports these metrics annually.

Energy Star

The university leverages the Energy Star Portfolio Manager

Did You Know?

The university's first LEED® Gold certified building, Triffo Hall, is exceptionally energy efficient. A passive solar heating system minimizes heat loss common to century-old buildings. In winter, hanging panels collect, store and distribute solar heat throughout the building.

Triffo Hall also makes extensive use of solar energy for lighting. 87 per cent of the spaces in the building make use of natural daylighting.

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