What You Can Do

The efforts of everyone at the University of Alberta—students, faculty and staff—are crucial to creating a sustainable campus. There are many ways you can help reduce the impact of energy use on campus.

Personal Actions

  • Turn off lights when areas are unoccupied
  • Shut the sash on variable air flow fumehoods
  • Power down computers and other equipment when not in use
  • Use green computing practices
  • Use artificial lighting only when daylight is insufficient for the task at hand
  • Plug electronics into a power strip and turn it off at the end of each day
  • Keep exterior doors and windows closed when HVAC systems are operating
  • Use a shared coffee maker and refrigerator for your work unit, instead of personal appliances
  • Use efficient task-lighting instead of overhead lighting
  • Ensure air vents are unobstructed.
  • Pull down blinds in summer to keep out excess solar heat.
  • Pull blinds closed in winter to retain heat in the building during the night.
  • Report energy waste or request maintenance servicing by calling 780-492-4833

Get Involved

There are always programs available to help you engage with campus sustainability. Resources and ideas are only a click away.


Green Spaces Certification

The Green Spaces Certification Program helps you integrate sustainable practices into your work and living spaces at the University of Alberta. Earn Bronze, Silver or Gold certification for your campus office, lab, event or living space in residence.