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Despite its location in an urban centre, the University of Alberta finds ways to showcase Alberta’s natural heritage on campus. Over half of the North Campus is green space, making it a home for over four thousand trees.

UAlberta's Buildings & Grounds Services strives to keep university lands healthy and beautiful using the most effective and environmentally-sustainable methods possible.


  1. Since 2006, the Integrated Pest Management Program has reduced the university’s reliance on chemical agents to control weeds and plant diseases.
  2. Community gardens and the Adopt-A-Planter program are enriching the campus landscape with edible plants and flowers.
  3. Pilot projects are exploring ways to reduce fertilizer use on campus lawns.
  4. Our mowers are equipped with mulching attachments, so rather than collecting the grass trimmings, the cuttings are left in the turf areas reducing water demand.
  5. All plant material from grounds operations is collected, composted and returned to shrub and flower beds across campus.

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The university's North Campus includes eight hectares of forested area along the North Saskatchewan River. This area is considered a reserve by the university and is largely undeveloped. There are walking trails and some boardwalks which allow enjoyment of the space, as well as access for students to study the flora and fauna in the area. 

The university’s North Campus is home to 4,175 trees representing native and ornamental species.

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