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The University of Alberta recognizes that procuring or purchasing materials and services has a potential social, economic and environmental impact. The university works with suppliers, students, staff and faculty to ensure our purchases generate support our campus’ sustainability commitment and guiding principles. Efforts are being made in the areas of paper, cleaning products, furniture, and food.


  1. Green purchasing principles were developed in 2011 to help the campus community make informed purchasing decisions.
  2. Surplus furnishings and equipment are systematically reused by other units within the university
  3. Supply Management Services consolidates pickups and deliveries to decrease the number of trucks on campus.
  4. The university’s preferred supplier McCallum Printing, as well as the Students’ Union Print Centre and SUBPrint are all FSC® chain-of-custody certified printers.
  5. Virtually all of the paper towels and toilet paper used on campus contains recycled fibres.
  6. The Office of Sustainability offers workshops and tips on green purchasing.
  7. Eco discounts are available at many food locations when you bring a reusable food container or mug.

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The Students’ Union has policy on Ethical Business Partners that favours suppliers offering environmentally-friendly products and services. As part of the policy, the Students' Union shall only purchase fair trade designated coffee.

Read all the details in the SU's Operating Policy Manual.

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