Food and Beverage

ARAMARK is the primary food service provider at the University of Alberta’s North Campus. They work to reduce their environmental footprint while also providing expertise and practical solutions to help reduce the campus’ environmental impacts.

Throughout their dining services, ARMARK is committed to providing foods that are produced and procured in an ecologically and socially responsible manner, and to that end are partnering with many different growers, suppliers, and distributors to increase the availability of such foods. Some of ARAMARK’s sustainable food commitments include:

  • Promoting local with “locally grown” identifiers and seasonal menu features
  • Buying dairy products and eggs from provincial suppliers
  • Partnering with SeaChoice Canada and converting key seafood purchases to ocean- friendly ecologically sustainable alternatives, as per Canada’s Seafood Guide
  • Offering organic, fair trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee

ARAMARK partners with suppliers, customers and environmental experts to understand the impacts of available products on the environment and to identify better alternatives. It is committed to improving its procurement practices, especially in terms of disposable packaging, paper products, cleaning products and source packaging. Some of Aramark’s green procurement practices include:

  • Setting a goal to transition packaging to biodegradable, recyclable and/or recycled content products
  • Providing EcoLogo certified napkins
  • Converting detergents, soaps and cleaning supplies to Green Seal Certified products

Eco Discounts

There are vendors across campus who offer you a discount on your purchase when you bring a reusable food container or mug (BYOM). The following is a list of the eco-discounts available on campus.

  • Daily Grind (SUB):
    25 cent discount BYOM
  • L’Express (SUB):
    20 cent discount with personal food containers;
    Tupperware dishes available for sale for $15.00 with a free first meal
  • Taco Time (SUB):
    20 cent discount with personal food container
  • Edo Japan (SUB):
    25 cent discount with personal food container
  • Marco’s Famous (SUB):
    25 cent discount with personal container
  • Subway (SUB):
    25 cent discount with personal container
  • Cookies By George (HUB):
    20 cents off BYOM
    55 cents off when you buy a Cookies By George reusable mug
  • Tim Horton's (ETLC):
    5 cent discount BYOM
  • Starbucks (ECHA, NREF and Cameron Library)
    10 cent discount BYOM

Green Events

The Green Spaces Certification Program can help you plan your next event's catering in the most sustainable way possible. Follow the Green Events checklist for ways to reduce waste and select the best food. Examples include:

  • Using reusable plates, cups, and utensils
  • Offering organic, seasonal, and locally-grown food
  • Serving vegetarian or vegan-friendly options
  • Carefully planning the food service to fit your needs