Supplier Engagement

The University of Alberta is working with suppliers to encourage them to align with our sustainability objectives. The Office of Sustainability and Supply Management Services are actively pursuing programs with the partners below.

Office Supplies

Grand & Toy is the university’s preferred vendor for office supplies. They are working to make it easier for staff and faculty to find and buy environmentally-responsible products. Grand & Toy consolidates shipments to campus which reduces the number of vehicles on campus.

Lab Supplies

The University of Alberta purchases millions of dollars of lab supplies and equipment every year. In support of our Sustainability Plan, small changes in purchasing habits can minimize our use of material goods and create a positive environmental impact. Fisher Scientific offers a range of information to inform sustainable purchasing for labs. They are also assisting the Office of Sustainability with the Green Spaces Certification Program for labs.


Each year, the University of Alberta prints thousands of brochures, business cards, annual reports, posters, and more. There are many ways to reduce the environmental impact associated with printing, including requesting third-party certified paper and vegetable-based inks for all print jobs through McCallum, our preferred printer.

Printing/Copying/Scanning Devices

Xerox offers offices and departments free assessments of their print needs and other equipment needs. They help university units identify how to reduce equipment needs and contribute to the sustainability performance of the institution.

Supply Management Services has also developed criteria related to sustainability to include in requests for proposals.

The Office of Sustainability encourages staff to think of ways to reduce their impact every time they work with a supplier by asking them to explore creative ways to ship, to reuse or recycle packaging–and to have a plan for leftover materials.

SweatShop Free

All clothing branded for the University of Alberta has been produced under the guidelines of the Fair Labor Association (FLA) since 2001. The FLA commits its members to uphold principles of fair labour and responsible sourcing throughout their supply chains. Among other principles, the FLA holds its members to a ban on child labour and forced labour.

The companies that produce U of A clothing must be compliant with the FLA for all of their products and businesses, not only for the goods produced for the university. Additionally, licensees must carry commercial general liability insurance and provide proof of same to the university.

University Relations manages UAlberta's relationship with the Fair Labor Association.

Paper Cut

Want to know more about the impact of your office's paper use?

Use the Paper Cut Toolkit to quickly figure out the environmental and monetary costs associated with your current paper use. At the same time, find out your potential savings from switching to paper with higher recycled content and from reducing your overall paper use.