Sustainable Procurement

The University of Alberta is committed to more sustainable procurement practices, as rooted in the Sustainability Commitment and Guiding Principles and in the Sustainability Plan.

Green purchasing can make a big difference. Each year, 15,000 full- and part-time employees buy approximately 60 million sheets of paper and millions of dollars’ worth of supplies and equipment. In addition, approximately 4,500 devices are used for faxing, printing and scanning.

To reduce the impact of the university’s procurement practices, the Office of Sustainability and Supply Management Services are working with several preferred suppliers to green the supply chain and make available a wider selection of ecologically-friendly products.

The university’s integrated supply chain offers a strong foundation for green purchasing practices. Using the preferred supplier system reduces the volume of delivery traffic on campus, and increases the demand for more sustainable products and services.

The Office of Sustainability provides a workshop on green purchasing practices to educate and empower departmental decision-makers.

Surplus Services

UAlberta’s Surplus Services coordinates the sale, transfer and disposal of all university campus equipment, including lab equipment, furnishings, electronics, vehicles and all other miscellaneous items. The service promotes reuse by making high quality, used goods available to university departments at negligible cost. They also facilitate proper disposal of dangerous and electronic products.