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The University of Alberta works closely with the local governments to deliver affordable and sustainable transit options for students, staff and faculty. Carefully managing transportation and parking issues is crucial to the continued growth of the university’s four campuses. The university’s comprehensive transportation demand management program encourages the use of public transit, cycling and walking, and deters reliance on single occupant automobiles. Increasing sustainable transit options makes working and living on campus easier for all.


  1. Almost 79% of students and 57% of employees use sustainable commuting options
  2. A Greenhouse Gas and Commuting survey was distributed across the university's five main campuses in March 2017
  3. When the Universal Bus Pass (U-Pass) was introduced in 2007, the Edmonton LRT's overall ridership increased by 12 per cent
  4. Students’ Union operates a bicycle sharing program
  5. Hybrid vehicles and solar-powered electric grounds carts are reducing the vehicle fleet’s greenhouse gas emissions
  6. Twenty vehicles that are 100% electric
  7. Students’ Union’s Safewalk service helps ensure the safety of pedestrians and LRT-users at night
  8. Idling reduction behaviours are encouraged
  9. Three secure bicycle lock-up cages located in the Education Carpark, Stadium Carpark, and adjacent to Cameron Library.

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The University of Alberta is the only North American university with four LRT or subway stops within its campus: Enterprise Square, University, Health Sciences and South Campus.

In 2015, the University of Alberta was connected to MacEwan University and NAIT by the new Metro Line.

Bikes locked up to rack in rain