Public Transit

The University of Alberta is serviced by the Edmonton Transit Service, County of Strathcona Transit and St. Albert Transit. All of the university campuses within the City of Edmonton are served by public transit. In addition to bus service, four Light Rail Transit (LRT) stops connect the university's campuses with each other. Transit enables easy movement of students, staff and faculty between campuses, as well as providing access to the City of Edmonton's downtown core.

Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass)

The Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass) is a partnership between the University of Alberta, the university’s student associations, and the local transit authorities. The U-Pass delivers affordable and sustainable transit to the University of Alberta. 

Eligible students (including all full-time undergraduate and graduate students) receive unlimited access to Edmonton, St. Albert and Strathcona County transit services for each semester that they are enrolled.

Students pay a low, mandatory fee, which makes for significant savings compared to the cost of purchasing monthly transit passes. The U-Pass was successfully implemented in September of 2007, and contributed toward increasing Edmonton Transit System’s ridership by 12 per cent over the previous year.

Staff LRT Program

Employees who are eligible for a Staff ONEcard may ride the LRT anywhere between South Campus and Royal Alexandra Hospital stations while carrying their card. The program is meant to facilitate transit between the University’s campuses for work purposes. There is no time restriction as to when this service can be used.

All staff with a current Staff ONEcard will be able to travel from Health Sciences to Royal Alexandra Hospital stations on the Metro Line, and from South Campus to Churchill stations on the Capital Line. Travel to other stations in the LRT system are not included in the Staff LRT program at this time.

By connecting North Campus to Enterprise Square, South Campus and two other post-secondary institutions, the program facilitates fast and easy travel for university business. This greatly reduces the need for employees to use a vehicle for work.


To protect the safety of pedestrians at the university, the Students’ Union operates Safewalk. Responding to a hotline, two-person teams meet walkers and accompany them to their destination by foot or by LRT. This service provides a safe alternative to walking alone at night, waiting alone for the train or driving around campus. Any member of the university community is welcome to the service free of charge.