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The University of Alberta encourages research and learning that supports sustainability both on and off campus. The university has a range of options available for studying and researching sustainability. Through degrees, courses and service-learning options, students can increase their understanding of the complex issue of sustainability. Grants, class projects and student organizations help students apply their knowledge to real-world solutions. 


  1. The Provost's Academic Advisory Council on Sustainability was established in 2009.
  2. UAlberta offers 133 sustainability-focused courses and 248 sustainability-related courses.
  3. Approximately 74 per cent of academic departments have at least one researcher engaged in sustainability research.
  4. Approximately 46 percent the university's 2,220 researchers are engaged in sustainability research.
  5. UAlberta offers both undergraduate and graduate programs linked to sustainability.
  6. The Certificate in Sustainability program launched in September 2014.
  7. The Campus as a Living Lab program, and funding from the Office of Sustainability given students the opportunity to pursue their own sustainability research and ideas.

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Did You Know?

The Certificate in Sustainability (CIS) is a credential available to undergraduate students who make a commitment to learning more about sustainability.

The certificate is jointly administered by the Office of Sustainability and the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences.

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Dr. Frank Robinson
Director, Certificate in Sustainability
Office of the Provost