Lecture & Seminar Series

Bentley Lecture in Sustainable Agriculture

The Bentley Lecture in Sustainable Agriculture was established in 2003. It explores farming systems, food security, and environmental protection.

Centre for Global Citizenship Education & Research Seminar Series

The Centre for Global Citizenship Education & Research Seminar Series explores all aspects of social, educational, cultural, political and economic development of societies and the knowledges, skills and attitudes that make it possible for them to be actively involved in local, national and global institutions and systems that directly or indirectly affect their lives.

Eric J. Hanson Memorial Lecture Series

Since 1987 the Department of Economics and the Institute for Public Economics have hosted the Eric J. Hanson Memorial Lecture Series featuring important aspects of public policy.

Forest Industry Lecture Series

The Forest Industry Lecture Series was started during the 1976-77 university term as a seminar course. The late Desmond I. Crossley and Maxwell T. MacLaggan presented the first series of lecturers. Speakers in the series visit the campus for periods of up to a week, with the visit highlighted by a major public address.  Their talks deal with a wide range of topics such as: forest ecology, forest science, silviculture, wildlife management, forest management, ecosystem management, lumber and paper sales, labor, international trade, forest economics and forestry-related social issues.

Medical Grand Grounds

The Medical Grand Rounds are hosted by the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. They often feature talks about access to health care, relationships with food and the impact of the environment on health.

Peter Kilburn Memorial Lecture Series

The Peter Kilburn Memorial Lecture series started in 2001 and is jointly planned by the Alberta School of Business and IISD, the International Institute for Sustainable Development. This series informs public debate through a lecture series that focuses on sustainable development.

Renewable Resources Seminar Series

The Renewable Resources Seminar Series offers public seminars by scientists and policymakers, University of Alberta faculty members, and research collaborators, opportunities to showcase important topics of research, the diversity of our current research and show its linkage to management practices and policy. Hosted by the Department of Renewable Resources, Faculty of Agriculture, Life & Environmental Sciences.

School of Public Health

The School of Public Health hosts a range of research and related seminars including a YouTube collection of past presentations.


Do you know of other campus seminar or lecture series related to sustainability? Please let us know by sending an email to sustainability@ualberta.ca 

Speaker Spotlight

In March 2017, the Department of Human Ecology invited Edward Hertzman to discuss the issue of unsustainable sourcing in the clothing industry and why chasing the production of cheap clothing is only going to get more costly for workers, the environment and consumers. This program was part of the annual Empey Lecture series.