Adria Vasil

On March 5, 2013, Adria Vasil presented her talk "How To Live a Healthy, Environmentally Friendly Life" at the University of Alberta.

She is a bestselling author and environmental advocate responsible for the popular Ecoholic phenomena. Through her accessible and comprehensive books, the popular eco-advice column she writes, her public lectures, and her regular appearances on television and radio programs, Adria helps regular people adopt impactful green practices and helps them navigate the behemoth eco-product industry to find legitimate green purchases. Her writing, grounded in everyday concerns and people, has won praise from consumers, corporate audiences, and environmentalists alike.

In her presentation, Adria provided an eye-opening tour of the new green world we are all working towards. She highlighted the power in each of us to affect change, both as consumers and as citizens—to look critically at the world, to ask questions, and to act accordingly. Often times, the best things to do—for your wallet, for your health, and for the planet—are also the simplest things to do.

Lunchtime Session

A lunchtime session was also hosted as part of the City of Edmonton's The Way We Green Speaker Series at City Hall.


Adria Vasil's visit was co-hosted by the Sustainability Speakers Series and the City of Edmonton’s The Way We Green Speaker Series.

Did you know?

After working as a researcher in the non-profit world investigating corporate practices, Adria, who has a degree in politics and anthropology from the University of Toronto, decided to draw attention to the issues that most concerned her by becoming a journalist.