Campus Sustainability Leadership Awards


All University of Alberta students, academic staff and support staff are eligible to be nominated, either as individuals or as groups. The award is open to those who are making progress integrating sustainability into teaching and learning; facilities, operations and services; campus or community outreach and university life.

Just three questions

Nominations are based on the following three questions, to be answered in about 300 words or less.

Dedication: Tell us about the nominee's history of engagement with sustainability. Share some of the specific ways they have taken action for sustainability.

Impact: What has been the impact of their sustainability-related actions? Try to include examples and measured results of their benefit to campus sustainability. As appropriate, please connect their accomplishments to the goals and actions in the university's Sustainability Plan and other institutional guiding documents.

Leadership: How has the nominee positively impacted their community of peers (e.g. other students, co-workers, campus community)? Describe how their leadership qualities have shined though.


Nominations are evaluated by a small committee working committee convened annually by the Director of the Office of Sustainability. The committee consists of faculty, staff and students. Learn more about the nomination process.

In order to recognize a diversity of initiatives and accomplishments at the University of Alberta, winners from previous years are not considered.

The Award

To be consistent with the principles of promoting sustainability, the award is primarily honorary in nature to reduce our use of new resources. The Department of Art and Design and the Student Design Association developed the award trophy be reused annually. Learn more about the award.

The current round of nominations closed on March 10, 2017. The winners will be announced in advance of Earth Day on Wednesday, April 19.

The Campus Sustainability Leadership Awards recognize contributions by students, staff, faculty and university organizations to campus sustainability.

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Did you know?

Each winner receives a unique handmade sheet of paper embedded with indigenous poppy flower seeds. The paper can be planted into the ground; it decomposes and the seeds grow into poppy flowers.

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