Nomination Process

Why nominate?

To formally recognize the contributions of those helping meet the University of Alberta's sustainability goals, and in celebration of Earth Day, the Office of Sustainability presents an annual award to those in the university community demonstrating their commitment to sustainability.

Winners exemplify the university’s continuing efforts to build a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable future for our institution. They are leading the way in how our campus operates, the services we provide, the way we teach, and strengthening the fabric of campus life and community.


All University of Alberta students, academic staff and support staff are welcome to be nominated, either as groups (both informal or formal) or as individuals. Nominees may contribute primarily through: teaching and learning; facilities, operations and services; or outreach and university life.

Nominations may be made by any student, academic staff or support staff. Self-nominations are also encouraged. Nominators may submit more than one nomination.

Preparing for the nomination

The application process will help describe the nominee's contribution to campus sustainability in three ways. Nominators should prepare to write three short answers (300 words or so) answering the following questions:

Dedication: Tell us about the nominee's history of engagement with sustainability. Share some of the specific ways they have taken action for sustainability.

Impact: What has been the impact of their sustainability-related actions? Try to include examples and measured results of their benefit to campus sustainability. As appropriate, please connect their accomplishments to the goals and actions in the university's Sustainability Plan and other institutional guiding documents.

Leadership: How has the nominee positively impacted their community of peers (e.g. other students, co-workers, campus community)? Describe how their leadership qualities have shined though.

Judging criteria:

  • Breadth and scope of the nominee's contribution to advancing environmental, social or economic sustainability at the University of Alberta. Nominators are encouraged to try to quantify the people engaged, the environmental and social benefit, etc.
  • Innovation and originality of their contribution.
  • Long-term dedication and/or significant time investment.
  • Influence over peers and ability to engage new participants in campus sustainability.

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Deadline: March 9, 2018

The Campus Sustainability Leadership Awards recognize contributions by students, staff, faculty and university organizations to campus sustainability.

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