The Award

To create the trophy, the Office of Sustainability collaborated with the University of Alberta’s Art and Design students. Initial concepts were brainstormed by Dr. Joan Greer’s History of Sustainable Design class and served as a jumping off point for Student Design Association members — Davis Levine, Christopher Camp, Mooie Liao and Lea Rouhiainen — as they designed the trophy.

The octagonal trophy is constructed from reclaimed pallet wood found on campus. A reused copper plate from the university’s sheet metal shop will be engraved with the winners’ names each year and added onto a new side of the trophy.

Their first tier of the trophy was topped with a removable sheet of handmade paper. This unique paper is made out of the pages that the art history class used to write their initial concepts on and is embedded with open pollinated poppy seeds from Harmonic Herbs, an Alberta farm that’s committed to sustainable practices. Award winners up to 2017 were able to plant their paper in the ground to decompose, grow into a new plant, and serve as a reminder of their contributions to sustainable change on campus even as the trophy is reused and passed on.