Past Projects


Since 2010, 71 grants have been awarded to students, faculty and staff valuing $53,768. 


Support provided for 8 Grants valuing $8,454 (last updated November 2017)

Project 529 Rollout On Campus

Stephanie Hartwig (NASA Staff), University of Alberta Protective Services. Supporting rollout of a bike theft prevention program in collaboration with a range of campus and off-campus partners. 

Faculty of Engineering Graduate Research Symposium. 

Anyeld Ubeda (Graduate Student), Faculty of Engineering. Provided opportunity for students to share their research, build interdisciplinary collaboration, develop professional skills, and network with industrial sponsors with a special program on promoting women and engineering practices that address sustainability.

Freecycle for Field Researchers 

Kim Schaerer (NASA staff), Field Research Office, Environment, Health and Safety. Provided field researchers opportunity to "clean up" by freecycling and recycling.


Bonnie Chow (undergraduate student), Healthnuts. This project combats food insecurity by helping students learn basic food preparation skills. 

Careers in Sustainability

Nathan Booth (NASA staff), Career Centre, Office of the Dean of Students. A panel of 4-6 professionals provided insight about career and work search strategies for careers related to economic, environmental or social sustainability. 

Panel: How soon will Alberta transition to a "green" energy economy?

Miranda Watters and Larry Zon (undergraduate students), Student Energy at the University of Alberta. Funding supported four speakers from education, technology, economic and a political background answering questions relating to the transition of Alberta’s energy sector to sustainable alternatives. 

Alberta School of Business Community Garden

Sarah Kowalevsky (AASUA staff), Alberta School of Business Community Garden Committee. This project will increase awareness about sustainability practices and preovide a wellness opportunity for staff to enjoy the outdoor space and fresh produce. 

HealthNuts & CFB Kitchen

Madi Corry (undergraduate student), Campus Food Bank. The Campus Food Bank and the HealthNuts student group are collaborating to host a community kitchen style event as a part of Sustainability Awareness Week. Participants prepared a meal from items found in campus food bank food hampers.


Support provided for 8 Grants valuing $5,575. 

Eco Move Out Mattress Recycling 

Penny Milligan (NASA staff), Ancillary Services. This project redirected old mattresses that have been traditionally been sent to the landfill. Funds allowed for expansion of a pilot program leading to recycling of over 400 mattresses during move out 2016.

ECHA Terrace Community Garden

Gabrielle Donoff (NASA staff), ECHA Terrace Garden Committee. This project aims to provide learning and practice opportunities for gardening to ECHA occupants, while revitalizing the terraces in the building. 

Quit noodlin' around! Quick guide to sustainable food on campus

Juanita Gnanapragasam (graduate student), University of Alberta Sustainable Food Working Group. This was a pilot workshop to create a dialogue around sustainable food. 


Satroopa Zilka and Fatemeh Bakhtiari (undergrad and graduate students). Healthnuts teaches students how to cook in a welcoming environment to combat food insecurity, improve student health and encourage students to cook for themselves. 

2017 Annual Empey Lecture

Lori Moran (AASUA staff), Department of Human Ecology, Faculty of ALES. This lecture focused on issues related to clothing and sustainability. 

Green Computing 

Nirwair Singh Bajwa (graduate student), Department of Chemical Engineering. This project set up a table in the ICE building to educate participants on aspects of green computing, such as shutting off computers at the end of the day , double sided printing and power saving modes.

Gender and Social Justice Graduate Conference

Paige Gorsak (graduate student), Department of Women's and Gender Studies and the Gender and Social Justice Graduate Student Association. This project explored social justice research and emerging feminist scholars.

Food Solutions Challenge

Nirwair Singh Bajwa (graduate student), Sustainable Food Working Group. This project was designed to raise awareness and holistic thinking around issues stemming from food production and distribution. Participants learned how carbon is produced and wasted in the food supply chain.


Support provided for 6 Grants valuing $3,775

Eco Move Out Mattress Recycling Pilot 2015

Penny Milligan (NASA staff, Supervisor Res Operations). Funds allowed the recycling of over 200 mattresses during move out 2015, diverting these from the landfill.   

Healthnuts Kitchen

Satroopa Zilka and Wendy Lei (Student Group). Funds were used to purchase local, seasonal ingredients with minimal packaging as well as kitchen equipment.  Participants learned food preparation and cooking skills, and shared the experience of cooking and eating together.  

SAW Clothing Swap

Kerstyn Lane (Sustain SU). The clothing swap brings attention to the topic of fashion sustainability, including a clothes swap, mending workshop, and conversations related to ethical and sustainable fashion.  This event encourages the recycling of clothing for the entire campus community.  

Alberta Student Leadership Summit

Eric Kother (undergrad student, Student Life Central). Funds were used to bring together students and community leaders from across Alberta.  Participants had the opportunity to connect and share ideas, and to be inspired to create positive social change.  

The R.E. Peter Biology Conference

Erin Campbell (Graduate student, Biology Graduate Students’ Association). This annual event showcased biological research at the U of A.  The conference gave students the opportunity to discuss their research and gain feedback from both peers and academic staff.  

Connecting our Waters

Dr. Makere Stewart-Harawira (AASUA Staff, Educational Policy Studies). A public event in conjunction with World Water Day, this discussion brought to our collective awareness the relationships between water, the Indigenous communities and our existing governing policies.


Support provided for 10 projects valuing $5,940.

Integrating Waste Education into Clubs Fair 2014

Sarah Dunnet (undergraduate student), Student Group Services, Students' Union. Funds enabled Student Group Services to promote and showcase the many ways student groups can engage in recycling and greening their events.

DamNation Film Screening

Marie-Eve Jean (graduate student), Canadian Water Resources Association - Students and Young Professionals Edmonton Chapter. Funds supported screening of the film "DamNation" which explores the sea of change in our national attitude from pride in big dams as engineering wonders to the growing awareness that our own future is bound to the life and health of our rivers." This activity encouraged debate on the sustainable use of water.

Clothing Swap

Lisa Martin undergraduate student), Sustain SU,  ECO Style, Net Impact, Millbourne Community Outreach Initiative. Students were ncouraged to bring their unwanted clothing for the opportunity to trade in for "new" clothing. Supporters recycled garments rather than wasting and further contributing to the cycle of mass consumption in the fashion industry.

SUSA Monthly

Lindsay Jessup (undergraduate student), the Sociology Undergraduate Student Association (SUSA). Funds supported mini-lecture on environmental sociology at a local cafe. 

I-Week Human Library: A Place for All of Us

Catherine Anley and Lisa Lozanski (staff), Human Resource Services and Global Education, University of Alberta International. During International Week 2015, the first North Campus Human Library was hosted in Rutherford Library. A Human Library is safe space where visitors can speak one-on-one or in very small groups to "people on loan" or human "books". The "books" are individuals from various demographics who have experienced stereotyping or prejudice or who have undergone a life experience that is often mischaracterized or misunderstood.

Alberta Student Leadership Summit

Kazimir Haykowsky (undergraduate student), Student Group Services. Funds supported gathering of highschools and post-secondary institutions from Edmonton and across Alberta to explore current issues and connect with peers over future goals and projects.

Waste Management and Diversion Panel Discussion

David Bressler (staff) Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science. On February 5, 2015 there was a panel discussion on waste utilization via innovating through challenges, mitigation of oil dependence, municipal solid waste utilization, policies for enabling technologies and community based advanced facilities. Panellists included Enerkem, Abengoa,  the City of Edmonton, Alberta Innovates Energy and Environmental Solutions, and the University of Alberta Office of Sustainability.

Visiting research professor: Dr. Sherif El-Safty 

Shaimaa Hussein (graduate student) Egyptian Student Association. Funding enabled talk describing how El-Safty and his co-workers developed Nano-solution based materials which enable simple, quick and efficient detection and removal of hazardous and radioactive elements from drinking water, soil and air. 

Waste Management and Diversion Panel Discussion

David Bressler (staff) Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science. On February 5, 2015 there was a panel discussion on waste utilization via innovating through challenges, mitigation of oil dependence, municipal solid waste utilization, policies for enabling technologies and community based advanced facilities. Panellists included Enerkem, Abengoa,  the City of Edmonton, Alberta Innovates Energy and Environmental Solutions, and the University of Alberta Office of Sustainability.

Oilsands Student Delegation Photo Exhibit and Speaker Series

Alec Forest (undergraduate student), Oilsands Student Delegation. As part of International Week, the OSD is organized a public event in two parts: a walk-through photo exhibit featuring photographs taken by the 2014 OSD delegates, to share their experience with the public; and a speakers panel discussing oil sands pipelines and how they are perceived internationally. 


Support provided for 8 projects valuing $5,761.

Oil Sands Student Delegation

Emily Riddle (undergraduate student), University of Alberta Oil Sands Delegation. Funds supported an annual trip to visit Fort McMurray where students explore oil sands issues with a range of stakeholders.

Grassroots Remedies for Detoxing and Healing Contaminated Land

Emily Dutton (undergraduate student), Alberta Public Interest Research Group. In collaboration with Sustain SY, APIRG brought Leila Darwish to Edmonton to facilitate a skills-based workshop on Grassroots Remedies for Detoxing and Healing Contaminated Land.

U of A Energy Club Speaker Series

Monica Ho (undergraduate student), U of A Energy Club. This project invited Lori Adamache, a process/chemical engineer to give a presentation on the new biofuels facility being constructed at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre.

Reject Rag Reborn Exhibition & Photo Booth

Alice Sech (undergraduate student), Eco Style Student Association. The Eco Style Exhibition displayed street style vintage clothing provided by local thrift shops, inspiring students to use second-hand clothing in creative ways and informing them about how to upcycle and piece together used clothing.

WUSC Fair Trade Awareness

Sarah Lavimizadech (undergraduate student), World University Services of Canada. This project educates the campus community about the importance of Fair Trade.

Fair Trade Fridays

Emily Hunter (undergraduate student), Engineers Without Borders, University of Alberta Chapter. This project provides students, faculty, staff and others with Fair Trade certified products and background information informing their purchasing both on and off-campus. 

Water Week 2014 Bottled Water Sculpture

Lavonne Schill and Nhu Trieu (undergraduate students), Amnesty International, University of Alberta Chapter. This project visually demonstrated the environmental impact of disposable plastic water bottle consumption and delivered an educational program concerning water issues. This project was delivered in collaboration with the Student Design Association and the Visual Arts Student Association.

Sustainable Food Initiative

Joseph W. Hobbs (undergraduate student), Sustainable Food Initiative. This project supports facilitated discussions between campus stakeholders and action projects that improve awareness, research and networking associated with food systems on campus. 


Support provided for 10 projects valuing $9,295.

Assa Fayad, Visiting Speaker

Ahmed Moustafa (graduate student), Egyptian Students' Association. This project south to increase awareness of sustainbility in part by hosting Miss Azza Fayah, the winner of the 2011 EFDA prize for young scientists. She shared information about breaking down plastic waste to generate biofuel.

Fair Trade Friday

Tyler Heal (undergraduate student), Engineers Without Borders - University of Alberta Chapter. Music is a Weapon - Community Service-Learning This grant will host a Fair Trade booth in ETLC and offer consumers an opportunity to purchase ethical beverages and learn more about Free Trade around the world.

Green & Gold Community Garden

Leigh-Ann Topfer (staff), School of Public Health. This event demonstrated how students are capable of living a green life. This garden contributes to the advancement of sustainability in the local and global community by modelling urban agriculture, enhancing garden volunteers' and customers' knowledge of food production, building community, and fostering volunteerism. Funding was used to buy additional equipment for the garden.

Party With A Purpose

Stephy Sylvestre (undergraduate student), Sustain SU. Helped support a sustainable dinner, bicycle-power concert and trivia activities associated with campus sustainability.

Professional Image and Style Series

Nadine Buchanan (staff), Career and Placement Centre Services. This project provided students with an opportunity access gently used clothing suitable for interviews in collaboration with Goodwill Industries of Alberta. Clothing was displayed on student models during a fashion show prior to being made available for purchase.

Promenade pour la protection de l'environnement (Riding Green)

Savannah Kafara (undergraduate student), Music is a Weapon - Community Service-Learning Program. This event demonstrated how students are capable of living a green life.

Reverse the Discount Research Project

Peter Boxall (faculty). This project will examine whether it is possible to charge consumers a fee when they use disposable cups versus offering consumers a discount when they use a reusable cup.

Student Group Services 2012-13 Leadership Summit

Hanhmi Huynh (undergraduate student), Student Group Services, Students' Union. Student Services hosts a Leadership Summit each year attracting up to 200 delegates. This year's event incorporated an environmental keynote speaker, greener features, and shared information and resources with leaders about how to green their meetings and events.

Trick or TrEAT

Marc LeBlanc (staff), Campus Food Bank. This grant supported an annual food drive to enhance social sustainability on campus.

University of Alberta Oil Sands Student Delegation

Andrew Fehr (undergraduate student), University of Alberta Oil Sands Student Delegation. The Oil Sands Delegations provides students with a bias-balanced introduction to various perspectives relating to oil sands development. Funds were used to offset travel and other logistical costs for this event.

2011-2012 Projects

Support provided for 11 projects valuing $8,623.


Kayla Baretta (undergraduate student), Faculty of Science; iGEM Team Alberta. This project involves developing inexpensive biodiesel through genetically engineering a fungus to convert common wastes into useable fuels.

Alumni Weekend: Big Top Tuck Shop Tent

Colleen Elliott (staff), Office of Alumni Affairs. This project helps demonstrate to alumni how the campus might green an event, and provides an opportunity for alumni to engage in the One Simple Act on Campus outreach program.

Bistro Vert

Carly Lynch (undergraduate student), Campus Vert, Campus Saint-Jean. With the theme of "local", this year's Bistro Vert will profile food made from seasonal ingredients that are organice or locally grown and serve as an opportunity to recruit members to Campus Vert for sustainability projects like the Mill Creek Ravine cleanup.

Energy Club: Fall 2011 Speakers Series

Elenor Siebring (graduate student), UAlberta Energy Club. The purpose of this program is to promote energy awareness across the university community; the fall series focuses on the topic of nuclear energy.

Environmental and Conservation Scients Students' Week - Waste Tour

Jan Sotocinal (undergraduate student), Environmental and Conseration Sciences Students' Association. As part of the Environmental and Conservation Sciences Students (ENCS) Week, the ECSA organized a tour of the Waste Management Tour of Edmonton’s Waste Management Centre (EWMC) to educate ENCS students about the waste management practices being used by the City of Edmonton.

Round Dance Feastware Kit Pilot Project

Suzanne Butler (staff), Aboriginal Student Services Centre. Project consists of providing reusable feastware kits, promoting sustainability with First Nations students, and reducing the amount of waste produced at both the Round Dance and future events.

Sustainability and Student Attributes

Emerson Csorba (undergraduate student), Students' Union. Supports a panel discussion exploring the value and meaning of a university education and how sustainability fits into the attributes our students should convocate with.

Teaching, Learning and Indigenous Philosophies

Dwayne Donald (faculty), Faculty of Education. This project is associated with a course titled EDSE 501 Teaching, Learning, and Indigenous Philosophies: A Curricular and Pedagogical Inquiry and associated visits to sacred sites in east central Alberta.

Think Energy

Chris Lerohl (graduate student), Energy Club and ABCCampus Tech. Supports an event featuring leading experts presenting their ideas on the current challenges in Alberta's energy-environment paradigm.

Wheelchair Accessible Gardening Beds

Melanie Alexander (undergraduate student), Faculty of Arts; Environmental Coordination Office of Students. This project involves the creation of raised garden beds that are accessible by people in wheelchairs for the ECOS Campus Community Garden.

U of A Farmers' Market

Nikki Way (undergraduate student), Sustainable Food Initiative. Student run farmers' market on campus as a part of the Sustainable Food Initiative. The market was piloted in conjunction with Health Week. Included local vendors selling meats, preserves, and other products targeted to meet the needs of university students.

2010-2011 Projects

Support provided for 10 projects valuing $6,345.  

Augustana Earth Hour Celebration

Candice Tremblay (staff), Augustana Campus Augustana. Earth Hour Celebration celebrates Earth Hour in collaboration with a number of on-campus groups. The project features a lights out initiative and bike-power generated concert.

Bistro Vert

Ruth Greuel (undergraduate student), Campus Vert. Bistro Vert involved the hosting of a local/handmade food buffet intended to create dialogue between attendees on the subject of sustainability.

Green and Gold Community Garden

Leigh-Ann Topfer (staff), School of Public Health, Health Technology & Policy Unit. The Green and Gold Community Garden provides a place for anyone to learn about sustainable agriculture, exchange recipes and gardening tips, while also generating funds to supports women in Rwanda through the Tubahumurize Association. The project funding offset costs of seed and tools.

National Sweater Day

Savannah Kafara (undergraduate student), Faculté Saint-Jean (Arts). National Sweater Day encouraged students and staff to come together wearing wacky sweaters and to turn down their thermostats. It was delivered in collaboration with WWF Canada to raise awareness about individual energy use and every day actions.

Party with a Purpose

Euan Thomson (graduate student), Campus Sustainability Coalition. Party with a Purpose was an all-day event held at Dinwoodie Lounge featuring a sustainability fair, farmer’s market, Freecycle expo, local foods dinner catered by Aramark and a bicycled-power concert at night.

“Reduced-Waste” BBQ Demonstration

Cedar Beaudette (undergraduate student), Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences. Cedar Beaudette hosted a “lead-by-example” demonstration of how we may reduce the waste generated by events such as BBQ fund-raisers.

U of A Oil Sands Student Delegation Photo Documentary

Jeff Savage (undergraduate student), North Campus. This project documented the experience of the student delegation through photography as an artistic representation of the oil sands projects. A photo exposition was unveiled during Sustainability Awareness Week 2010.

World University Service of Canada Movie Night

Julia Frohlich (undergraduate student), World University Service of Canada. The project involved hosting a movie night event for the campus community to raise awareness about global sustainability issues by screening the movie “Refugees of the Blue Planet” during Sustainability Awareness Week 2010. 

World Water Week

Taryn Hancock (undergraduate student, Faculty of Arts, Council of Canadians University of Alberta Chapter). Hosted a variety of events intended to raise awareness of issues concerning water issues and potential solutions.

Alberta Student Leadership Summit

Kazimir Haykowsky (undergraduate student), Student Group Services. Funds supported gathering of highschools and post-secondary institutions from Edmonton and across Alberta to explore current issues and connect with peers over future goals and projects.