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Model Green Labs

The model green labs project aims to increase lab users’ awareness of what safe and sustainable labs look like and which of their key features demonstrate sustainable practices. These labs have a positive impact on the lab community because people can visit the labs, learn from the users' experiences, and actively participate in the broader green labs community. 

There are two types of model labs:

Physical labs: These are working research or teaching labs that have integrated sustainable technologies, practices, and projects.

Virtual lab (coming soon): The virtual lab will be an interactive online tool hosted on our website.

Get to know UAlberta's model green labs

Image of Green Spaces Certification - Gold decalJason Dyck in his laboratory
Group of people at Miquelon Lake Research Station openingLab equipment in the West lab

To learn more about model green labs, contact sustainability@ualberta.ca.


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Why Green Labs? 

Research activities are resource intensive compared to the needs of traditional classrooms. At the University of Alberta, buildings with labs currently use 43 per cent more energy than others. Some of this impact can be mitigated by greening the university's labs.

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