Green Spaces Certification Program

Green Spaces Certification Program

The Green Spaces Certification Program helps you integrate sustainable practices into your work and living spaces at the University of Alberta. Earn Bronze, Silver or Gold certification for your campus office, lab, event or living space in residence.

How it works

The program introduces you to the full range of decisions and behaviours involved in leading a sustainable lifestyle, both at home and at work. 

An easy to follow checklist guides you through ways to reduce waste and pollution, protect natural resources, support social inclusion and invest in our local community. 

Once you discuss and commit to as many actions on the checklist as possible, you may be awarded with one of three levels of certification.  The more actions you commit to, the higher level of certification you will receive.

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Did you know sustainability includes social concerns? 

Now Green Spaces does too. The newly updated version of the Green Spaces Certification Program allows you to earn recognition for your dedication to the environment and also to the social good. You’ll be recognized for the actions you take to build community, maintain a safe workplace and actively support inclusivity on campus.

The program fully incorporates the three pillars of sustainability:

  • Environmental: reduce waste and pollution and protect precious natural resources.
  • Social: strengthen your community with practices that support social inclusion.
  • Economic: invest in local businesses and fair-trade products from around the world.

Learn more about energy reduction with Green Spaces.

Envision: intelligent energy reduction

Learn more about reducing your energy impact at home and on campus with Envision

Featured Space

In 2015, three labs at Campus Saint-Jean were certified Gold in the Green Spaces Certification Program. Their innovative actions included installing a water reuse system for condenser apparatus saving approximately 600 litres of water per experiment. 

Tools of Change

The Office of Sustainability offers employees free stickers to prompt sustainable behaviours in office and labs.

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