Get your home in residence Green Spaces certified by reducing waste, conserving water and saving energy. The Green Spaces Challenge ends on Friday, November 10, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.

Get your room or apartment Green Spaces certified and you will be entered into a draw for a $50 gift certificates to Upper Crust Café. Gold and Silver certified spaces will earn more entries into the draw, so the more actions you take, the more chances you have to win!

The challenge is open to students living in HUB, Pinecrest, Tamarack, International House, Linden House, Alder House, East Campus Village walk-ups or Graduate Residence (Rockcress, Stonecrop, Juniper and Speedwell).

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The floor in Lister Hall with the most certification points wins an adventure at SideQuests escape room playing "Expedition." There will be space for 10 participants from the winning floor (if more people want to join, the prize will act as a discount).

Increase your chances of winning by committing to more actions and encouraging your fellow residents to fill out the survey. This challenge is open to any student living in Henday, Mackenzie, Kelsey or Schäffer.

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Bonus Prize: Be a Green Leader

You could also win an individual prize: aim to be named a Green Leader by encouraging other residents to join in the challenge. The resident from Lister and the resident from East Campus or HUB who encourages the most residents to successfully certify will win $50 credit to their ONECard.

Tell your friends about the Green Spaces Challenge to win!

How scoring works in Lister Hall

Each resident who completes a Green Spaces application will be awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold depending on the number of actions they have completed.

For scoring in the Green Space Challenge, bronze certifications are worth 1 point, silver certifications are worth 2 points, and gold certifications are worth 3 points. Each floor will receive a rating based on the ratio of points earned to the maximum possible to earn.

In other words, to receive 100%, everyone on the floor must receive gold certification; if everyone on the floor receives silver certification, the floor's score will be 66%; and so on.

The floor receiving the highest score wins! In the case of a tie, preference will be given to the floor with the most gold, followed by silver, certifications.