ecoREPsecoREP stands for Reach, Education, and Peer-to-Peer. An ecoREP is a sustainability champion because their participation extends the reach of sustainability on campus. A sustainability champion is someone who sees the opportunity for positive change and uses their available resources and networks of influence to facilitate that change, building a more desirable future.

The course Leading Sustainability at Work was originally offered as a series of workshops for UAlberta staff, faculty and graduate students. Participants that completed the program were known as ecoREPS and they formed a network of people committed to campus sustainability. UAlberta participants who complete Leading Sustainability at Work will continue to be known as ecoREPs.

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Honorarium for Leading Sustainability At Work

UAlberta staff, faculty and graduate students enrolled in Leading Sustainability at Work can qualify for an honorarium through the Office of Sustainability. To enable their supervisor to support this professional development opportunity, the honorarium will be paid to the participant’s department or faculty. To be eligible, participants must:  

  • Complete all coursework for Leading Sustainability at Work
  • Implement a project to improve campus sustainability that meets the following criteria:
    • Focuses on campus sustainability
    • Shows measurable impact (e.g. reduces waste, conserves resources, builds community)
    • Engages people in the workplace and encourages participation
    • Connects to the university’s  Sustainability Plan 2012-2016
    • Completed within six months of course completion
  • Provide the Office of Sustainability with a short report on the project's results (template available)


To help you connect and advance sustainability on campus, ecoREPs gain:

Comments from Past Participants

“I learn something new every time.”

“Getting to know interested contacts around campus gives me hope.”

“This is the best campus initiative I've seen since arriving here.”

“I went in expecting tips and tricks, and came out with a whole new appreciation for sustainability and engagement.”

“Thank you for a really engaging, thoughtful and fun ecoRep experience.”

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