One Simple Act on Campus (two smiling women holding commitment cards)

One Simple Act on Campus

You are invited to take action and contribute to a more sustainable world. Get involved by committing to make small changes in your daily lives to help the planet, people and your bottom line.

All of the choices that we make today affect our common future. By committing to make one simple change in our lifestyle, and encouraging others to do the same, together we can make a large impact on our environment and communities. It can be as easy as turning off the lights or joining a campus group. It all adds up!

Make your commitment in 4 easy steps!

1) Explore the actions. Take a look at the 20 different actions on the checklist below. Each of these relate to reducing waste, using energy efficiently, incorporating sustainability into your campus activities, and conserving water.

2) Choose an action. Pick a “Simple Act” that resonates with you – something that you are not already doing or that you would like to improve on. You can also come up with your own, innovative action.

3) Make a commitment. You can make your One Simple Act Commitment online – it will only take a minute. Afterward, print off a commitment card.

4) Post your commitment card in a place to remind you to follow through. Follow through with you commitment for a minimum of three weeks and it will turn into a new habit in no time.

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Have you committed?

To date, hundreds of students, staff and faculty have made One Simple Act commitments to incorporate sustainable actions into their daily activities on and off campus.

Take a look at some of the latest One Simple Act on Campus commitments on our Flickr photo gallery.

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Interested in learning more about the program, the barriers and benefits of individual actions how you can engage your friends, colleagues, and fellow students? We’ve got a variety of resources and backgrounders available to help.

Caught in the Act

Get “Caught in the Act”! We are always on the move, watching for students, staff and faculty taking part in one of the 20 sustainable acts. Check out who was Caught in the Act at the university in 2010/11.


Kayleigh Wiebe,
Project Planner - Student Engagement