Recycling & Composting

Most of what we have traditionally thrown out isn't waste at all. Together, we work toward the university's goal to keep 90 per cent of our disposables out of the landfill.

What can be recycled?

Zero Waste  Residences  Special Items 
Plastics Recyclables Recyclables
Beverage Containers
Glass & Light Metal
Paper & Cardboard Mixed Paper
Organics* Organics Organics*




What's organic?

Food and certain paper products can be composted if sorted into the organics bin.

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Bread, grains and flour
  • Dairy and eggs 
  • Meat and bones
  • Cooking oil
  • Coffee grinds & tea bags
  • Cardboard takeout containers
  • Paper towels
  • Napkins
  • Wax paper
  • Sandwich wrap
  • Receipts
  • Wood or bamboo chopsticks
  • Small amounts of cooking oil

What's waste?

Some things cannot be recycled and must be placed in a landfill bin.

  • Take-away coffee cups
  • ♵ ♸ ♹ plastics (includes vinyl/PVC and polystyrene)
  • Styrofoam takeout containers
  • Styrofoam packing materials
  • Chip bags and snack wrappers
  • Latex and rubber

Where can I recycle & compost?

Classic Recycling Zero Waste Residences Event bookings
Recycling in most buildings. Composting & recycling in all locations (see below). Recycling in all residences. Composting in East Campus, Residence Saint-Jean and Augustana Campus. See sidebar.

Zero Waste locations

Zero Waste bins are going to gradually replace the classic recycling bins across the university. A staged rollout has allowed Facilities & Operations to learn from the first test locations (Lister and the Students' Union Building) to ensure the system is as effective as possible.

When Zero Waste is coming to your building, Facilities & Operations staff will be in touch to help make it a smooth transition.

Buildings using Zero Waste
  • Business
  • Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS)
  • Central Academic Building (CAB)
  • Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering
  • Edmonton Clinic Health Academy (ECHA)
  • HUB Mall
  • Lister Hall – Market and Marina
  • Students' Union Building (SUB) – Cafeteria and basement
Coming Soon
  • Augustana Campus
  • Education Centre
  • Physical Activity & Wellness Centre (PAW)
  • South Academic Building (SAB)
  • Students' Union Building (SUB) – Offices

For directions to these buildings, visit Campus Maps.

Recycle it Right

Once you've learned how to sort using each of these waste systems, come test your knowledge and win a great prize. Recycle-It-Right is a carnival style game that challenges you to recycle, compost or landfill a random set of items.

Women consider which recycling bin to put a series of items into.

Find Recycle-It-Right at university events including Orientation and Sustainability Awareness Week.

Live off-campus?

Take the guesswork out of sorting your waste at home. Let the City of Edmonton's WasteWise app put answers to questions at your fingertips.

Event Bookings

You can rent recycling & organics collection bins for your indoor and outdoor events. Whether a small, club event or a campus-wide outdoor celebration, you can ensure participants have somewhere to put their paper napkins, plastic cutlery and more.

For more details, read about outdoor site bookings. Email with questions.

More information

Questions? Please email

For other concerns with your building, please contact the Facility Services Manager or phone the Maintenance Desk at 780-492- 4833.