Help us reach our goal to keep 90 per cent of our waste out of the landfill by 2020.

Recycling in Residences

Your home in residence uses the Zero Waste system, which you can also find in more and more buildings on North Campus. Read through to learn how to ensure your stuff is properly recycled, composted or landfilled.

What can I recycle and compost?

Recyclable Compostable
  • Plastic bags & containers (#s 1, 2, 4, 5)
  • Light metal trays & containers
  • Refundable beverage containers (e.g. juice, water, milk)
  • Notebooks, loose paper, magazines
  • Cardboard boxes (flattened)
  • Pizza boxes (remove greasy liner)
  • Fruits & vegetables
  • Bread, grains, nuts, flour
  • Dairy, eggs & egg shells
  • Meat & bones
  • Cooking oil
  • Paper towels, tissues, wax paper
  • food-soiled cardboard
  • Coffee grinds, filters & tea bags
  • Plants & flowers
  • Wooden chopsticks

How can I recycle and compost correctly?

The key to success is sorting—separating the recyclables out from your waste and placing items in the right bins.

Step One

Set up three bags or containers in your room:

  • recyclables
  • organics*
  • landfill materials

If your room is missing a container, email to request one from Residence Services.

*Fall 2016: Organics is not yet collected in Lister towers, Newton Place and Michener Park.

Step Two

Collect materials.

  • Rinse all recyclables.
  • Empty containers at least once a week to avoid pests and odours.

Step Three

Bring materials to the common collection bins for your residence. Read the signs on the containers to learn where to place your materials.

Mixed Paper Recyclables Organics Landfill

Where to find your collection bins

What happens to everything that’s put in the bins?

All materials are picked up by a contracted hauler. The truckloads are brought to a company for sorting into finer categories of items. If there is a market for the materials, items will be recycled. Organic items will be composted. Anything else is sent to the landfill.

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