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What can you do as a volunteer?

The Office of Sustainability recruits every September and January. During the recruitment and training process, applicants have the opportunity to select which project they are most interested in. Successful applicants will then be assigned to a single project according to their top choices.

Outreach and Engagement

The Office of Sustainability offers a wide range of outreach and education programs that engage approximately 25,000 people a year. Programs delivered fall under different categories of engagement, such as awareness, behaviour change, capacity-building and providing tools and resources to support building a sustainable future. Outreach volunteers play an integral role in helping us promote, deliver and evaluate these programs and events, which inspire others to get involved in sustainability.

We are looking for individuals to perform one or more of the following duties:

  • Hand out organic lollipops, pens and handbills at outreach booths to encourage participation in sustainable events and programming on campus.
  • Represent the Office of Sustainability at Sustainability Awareness Week events by Introducing the event and handing out evaluations.
  • Deliver classroom presentations to inspire students to attend the Office of Sustainability’s events.
  • Guide participants through a One Simple Act on Campus commitment process to support the adoption of sustainability-related behaviour change.
  • Welcome participants, ticket taking and receiving attendees’ contact information at Sustainability Speaker Series evening events.
  • Roam residences with the Eco Move Out street team monitoring all donation/recycling bins and supporting the program.

Green Spaces

The Green Spaces certification program helps students, staff, and faculty integrate sustainable practices into their work and living spaces at the University of Alberta. Green Spaces volunteers support the delivery of this program by helping us expand our reach with it and providing additional support to participating spaces. These volunteers will have the opportunity work with campus staff and students, as well as other OS-CSVs. They will also gain valuable skills in sustainability, leadership, relationship building, outreach, professional communications and behaviour change methods.

We are looking for individuals to perform one or more of the following duties:

  • Promote Green Spaces and the Green Spaces Challenge
  • Provide coaching to interested offices and events as they complete their applications
  • Attend certified events to inform attendees about its sustainability features
  • Research other green certification programs and creating recommendations for improving Green Spaces
  • Conduct check-in visits with certified spaces.


The Office of Sustainability's communications team tells our collective campus sustainability story. As a volunteer, you have the option to: help write news stories, post on our blog, design helpful resources, take photos, capture video and more. This position requires you to work independently, meet occasionally during work hours and attend some evening events.

We are looking for individuals to perform one or more of the following duties:

  • Take photos at Office of Sustainability events, such as Sustainability Awareness Week.
  • Write fun and engaging guest blog entries for the Office of Sustainability blog and for submission to the university’s student blog YouAlberta.
  • Compile research and information to develop helpful infographics related to green lifestyles.
  • Assist with evaluating the success of Office of Sustainability communication campaigns by running surveys.


If you live in residences, you have the opportunity to act as a leader by researching and sharing information about how to reduce waste, conserve energy and water and get involved in creating an inclusive community. Project hours are developed largely on your own timeline. Therefore, this position is ideal for students who are self-motivated, creative and excited to encourage sustainability in residence life.

We are looking for individuals to perform one or more of the following duties:

  • Champion waste reduction in residence by attending floor meetings and informing residents about waste management in residence.
  • Inspire others to get involved in Green Spaces certification for residences.
  • Promote Office of Sustainability events on social media and by delivering brochures to residents.
  • Encourage participation in the Darkest Tower Challenge and Earth Hour Challenge.

Campus Saint-Jean

This group of Office of Sustainability volunteers supports the Campus Saint-Jean Sustainability Coordinator in delivering initiatives on this French speaking campus. The volunteers will also have the opportunity to collaborate with Office of Sustainability staff on various initiatives. Please note that these volunteers must be fully bilingual in French and English. Successful volunteers can be students on North Campus as well as at Campus Saint-Jean.

We are looking for individuals to perform one or more of the following duties:

  • Lead outreach tables at Campus Saint-Jean (e.g. Recycle-it-Right at orientation, tabling for various challenges and other programs, etc.).
  • Help plan challenges (One Simple Act Challenge, Green Spaces Challenge).
  • Help with the planning and delivery of Sustainability Awareness Week events that happen in October of every year.
  • Support campus-specific initiatives (e.g. Comité de développement durable, CSJ community garden, composting/recycling, Olympiades de sciences, Green Spaces certification).
  • Carry out research as needed to support the work of the CSJ Sustainability Coordinator.

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