Getting your full serving of greens on campus

Twenty-seven food vendors in HUB Mall, the Students’ Union Building and the Physical Activity and Wellness Centre are now Green Spaces certified. HUB Mall vendors were certified in February 2015 with the others following in October 2015.

“Introducing Green Spaces certification for vendors has really excited food vendors about helping us reach our goal to divert 1,500 tonnes of organics annually,” said Jessie Kwasny, Waste Diversion and Recycling Coordinator with Buildings and Grounds Services.

Twenty-six vendors earned Bronze certification while one vendor earned Silver. Eight of the others are just one to three actions away from achieving Silver certification.

Some of the actions that helped earn vendors their Green Spaces certification include sending kitchen scraps to the organics bin and sorting recycling and waste appropriately. These efforts have been supported with the recent rollout of Zero Waste stations in SUB and HUB Mall. 

To earn Silver certification, vendors must go further and eliminate polystyrene takeout containers and provide discounts to customers who bring reusable containers or mugs.

“With Green Spaces certification, it’s not just about diverting waste from landfill. It’s also about reducing it," said Kwasny.

While Green Spaces certification for food vendors started in February 2015, Kwasny has conducted waste diversion training with food vendors since 2012.

Check out our photo album to see who got certified, and if you see the medallion posted at your favourite takeout counter, be sure to ask them about it next time you’re buying lunch.

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