It's official. Our campus is green and gold.


The University of Alberta holds a STARS® Gold rating for university sustainability performance.

The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System™ is the world’s most widely recognized framework for publicly reporting on sustainability in higher education. It is a transparent, self-reporting framework for post-secondary institutions to report their performance in categories including: education and research; operations; planning, administration and engagement; and innovation.


Some of the ongoing initiatives that contributed to the university's increased rating include:

As a charter member, the University of Alberta is proud to have attained a STARS Gold rating. This achievement reflects the university's ongoing commitment to building a sustainable future as articulated in the Sustainability Plan.


Our STARS report could not have been accomplished without the support of the following individuals, and many more across our institution.

Agnelo Da Silva
Agnes Kulinski
Alison Taylor
Andre Grace
Apryl Bergstrom
Aubrey Chau
Ben Louie
Bev Findlay 
Bill Isley
Breanne Ferris
Brenda Briggs
Brian Pearson
Caitlin Phare
Candace Rogers
Catherine Anley
Catherine Swindlehurst
Cathy Davis
Charlotte Padilla
Chris Blades
Colleen Warren
Connie Varnhagen
Dale Olausen
Dan Charlton
David Whalen
Debbie Balan
Denise Hemmings
Dolores March
Don Hickey
Donna Nordstrom
Emily Dietrich
Eric Athanas
Fiona Halbert
Gail Harvey
Gary Barron
Geoff Rode

Glen Hvenegaard
Glynnis Hood
Howard Pruden
Grace Ennis
Hugh Warren
Indira Samarasekera
Jane Lee
Janice Causgrove Dunn
Jaya Yogasundaram
Jennifer R. Kelly
Jessica Cobb
Jessie Kwasny
Jim Bohun
Jim Laverty
Kelin Flanagan
Kerstyn Lane 
Kimberly Uniat
Kristopher Wells
Kristy Burke
Laurel Roblin
Lauren Hall
Leanne Baudistel
Leigh-Ann Topfer
Leslie Bush
Lilas Bielopotocky
Lindsay McLeod
Lisa Dockman
Lois Dvorsky
Lois Harder
Lois Larson
Lorraine Deydey
Lorraine Huntley
Marc Dumouchel
Marie Claude Levert
Marie King
Mary Ellen Davison 

Michael Versteege
Nadine Desaulniers
Nancy Hanneman
Naomi Krogman
Nat Kav
Norma Williams
Pat Jansen
Peter Boxall
Phil Webb
Rachel Deleon
Ray Dumouchel
Ricardo Moran
Rick Fix
Rob Pawliuk
Robin Everall
Roger Epp
Ron Ritter
Sarah Flower
Shannon Leblanc
Shawn Kaminski
Shelley MacKay
Stu White 
Suzanne Butler
Terry Nonay
Tim Ira
Tom McClean
Tracy Bear
Trevor Chow Fraser
Trina Innes
Wade King
Walter Dixon
Wayne Anderson
Wayne McCutcheon
Wendy Abel
Yvette Langlois

The university's STARS reports are all publicly and transparently available. Learn how UAlberta performed in each of the many focus areas and see how our campus is improving over time.