It's official. Our campus is green and gold.


UAlberta uses STARS to measure our sustainability performance. It is the world's most widely recognized framework for post-secondary sustainability reporting—420 post-secondary institutions have been rated, and over 800 from six continents are using the reporting tool.

Some highlights from our report

  • 45 per cent of faculty are engaged in sustainability research
  • 11 of 18 faculties consider interdisciplinary in their tenure and promotion decisions
  • Shut The Sash promotes safety and sustainability benefits of properly using fume hoods in labs. In first campaign in Katz, October 2016, fume hood use improved. If improvements continued, it would have saved 1,333 kWh of energy per year.
  • 17 gasoline-electric hybrids and 20 electric vehicles in campus fleet. 
  • 24 per cent less potable water used per capita between 2005-16.
  • Established the Sustainable Food Working Group
  • Primary dining contractor, Aramark, became Marine Stewardship Council Certified


It Takes a Village

STARS reporting could not have been accomplished without the active support of many leaders including:

Anastasia Lim
Apryl Bergstom
Barry Irving
Benjamine Louie
Brenda Briggs
Brendan Woychuk
Brett Buchanan
Caitlin Phare
Camila Zambrano Narvaez
Carolyn Smolley
Catherine Anley
Catherine Swindlehurst
Chris Blades
Christie Schultz
Christopher Avelar
Crystal Snyder
Dan Charlton
David Whalen
Destyni Deluca
Dolores March
Donna Nordstrom
Fervone Goings
Fiona Halbert
Frank Robinson
Geoff Rode
Geraldine McCune
Gillian Hanson
Giovana Bianchi
Gordon Weighell
Howard Pruden
Hugh Warren

Jasmine Farahbakhsh
Jennifer Alabiso
Jessie Kwasny
Jim Laverty
John Younk
Justis Allard
Katharine Moore
Kathleen Brough
Kathryn Evans
Kayleigh Wiebe
Keith Hollands
Kiann McNeill
Kiersten Crane
Kimberly MacLock
Kimberly Uniat
Kris Urbanczyk
Kris Wells
Kurt Borth 
Lauren Baril
Leah Erikson
Lauren Hall
Leila Fanaeian
Lilas Bielopotocky
Lois Dvorsky
Lorraine Huntley
Maja Osmagic
Marianne Meijer
Marion Haggarty-France
Matthew Summers
Mike Versteege
Monica Chahal
Murray Brice

Naomi Krogman
Nat KavPat Jansen
Phil Rinn
Phil Webb
Randa Kachkar
Ray Dumouchel
Rob Munro
Robert Summers
Ron Ritter
Sandra Shores
Sarah Flower
Sascha Jansz
Shannon Leblanc
Sherry Hickman
Shilpi Gupta
Suzanne Butler
Terry Nonay
Tom McLean
Tracy Bear
Trina Innes
Troy Bender
Victor Shewchuk
Wade King
Wayne Patterson
Wendy Abel

The university's STARS reports are all publicly and transparently available. Learn how UAlberta performed in each of the many focus areas and see how our campus is improving over time.