The Office of Sustainability is here to help everyone on campus become sustainability change agents. Online resources provide educational materials and prompts, as well as easy steps to begin taking action. 

Green Guide

Knowing how to live sustainably isn’t always easy – it can sometimes be complicated and confusing knowing the issues and what you can do to make a difference. We’ve produced an online Green Guide to help take some of the guesswork out of living and working sustainably. It features a variety of tips and information on how you can incorporate sustainability into your life – both on campus and at home.

Event Resources

Reusable dishes

Sustain SU rents reusable dishes to campus groups to reduce the environmental impact of hosting events or meetings. Plates, bowls, cups and water pitchers are available through this free lending service.

Green Events

The Green Spaces Certification Program helps event planners adopt sustainable practices and earn recognition for their efforts. Organizers commit to completing sustainable actions during the course of the event and attendees are encouraged to take personal actions that will help reduce the overall impact of the event.

Office Resources

Prompt Stickers

Free for UAlberta offices and labs, use these stickers to remind people in your office or lab how they can reduce waste and conserve energy or water. Stick them in a location close to the action you want to see - by the photocopier, in the kitchenette, at your computer, etc.

Paper Cut Toolkit

Get involved to reduce your paper use at the University of Alberta. Using the Paper Cut toolkit, in six easy steps you can reduce the environmental and financial costs associated with your paper. These simple paper-reduction strategies will help the university reach our goal to cut paper use by 50 per cent.