Office Resources

To help make your workplace more sustainable, the Office of Sustainability offers several different programs you can enroll in to learn new skills and resources you can use to start transforming your office.


Departments, student groups and campus organizations can book interactive workshops to learn about paper reduction, sustainable food, green cleaning, energy and water conservation.


Green Spaces Certification

Green Spaces Certification helps you integrate sustainable practices into your workspace with helpful checklists designed to stimulate progressive improvement. Earn recognition with Bronze, Silver or Gold certification.

EXCPE 5441: Leading Sustainability at Work.

Become a change agent and foster sustainability in your workplace with this new professional development opportunity. Enrollment will help you take action for the environment, build community, create safe workspaces and support diversity and inclusion.


Office Paper Cut

Reduce the amount of paper you need in the office with our Paper Cut toolkit. Weigh the environmental and financial costs associated with your paper with simple paper reduction strategies.

Image of sticker that reads

Order a set of stickers and use them to remind your co-workers how they can reduce waste and conserve energy or water.