Paper Cut

Get involved to reduce your paper use at the University of Alberta. Take a look at the six easy steps below—they demonstrate how you can reduce the environmental and financial costs associated with your paper use by following simple paper-reduction strategies.

Our Goal

The goal of the Office Paper Cut Campaign (OPCC) is to reduce the paper impact of work units at the University of Alberta by approximately 50%.

Six steps to reduce your paper consumption


According to Grand and Toy, annual savings achieved by the University's Supply Management Services Department after switching to 100% recycled paper stock:

  • 1800 fewer trees were used
  • Enough energy was saved to power 14 homes
  • 14 cars worth of yearly greenhouse gas emissions was eliminated
  • 3 garbage trucks worth of solid waste was eliminated

Curious about the impact of your current paper use?

Use the Paper Cut Lite tool below to quickly figure out the environmental and monetary costs associated with your current paper use, and see what kind of savings could be generated by switching to paper with higher recycled content and reducing overall paper use.

Download Paper Cut Lite

Paper Cut Lite is a condensed version of the Office Paper Cut Campaign that can be used to easily gather baseline data. To use it:

  1. Determine what level of recycled content of the paper you're currently using (either virgin content, 30%, or 50%)
  2. Select the corresponding tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet
  3. Enter approximately how many reams (i.e., stacks of 500 sheets of paper) your office uses in one week - the calculator will do the rest!

Get involved with the Office Paper Cut Campaign

To get involved with the six-step campaign, please click on the link below which corresponds to the level of recycled content paper you are currently using in your office:

If any questions or concerns arise, please contact us at

Goal: to reduce the paper used by work units at the University of Alberta by 50%

Started in 2012, the Office Paper Cut campaign (OPCC) encourages University of Alberta faculty and staff to reduce their paper usage while at work.


Tool kits

Did you know?

Between May 2010 and April 2011, the University of Alberta used approximately 60 million sheets of paper – that’s equal to 7000 trees if the paper contained no recycled content!

If everyone at UAlberta makes the commitment to reduce their paper use and purchase paper with recycled content, approx. 3500 trees would be saved.