Interested in learning more about sustainability?

The Office of Sustainability offers UAlberta departments, student groups and campus organizations an opportunity to book interactive workshops in the areas of paper reduction, food, green cleaning, energy and water conservation.

Workshops are 60 to 90 minutes in length. Timing is dependent on the availability of the presenter. Group size should be between 10 and 20 people.



"What a fabulous presentation you did today! I found it so well presented, the activity was engaging, surprising and informative." 

— participant, Farm to Fridge workshop

"I enjoyed making my own multi-purpose cleaner. I was educational to learn about the ingredients of cleaners that are harmful/dangerous to use. I am happy there are safe alternatives." 

— participant, Green Cleaning workshop 

Office of Sustainability


Did you know?

People who have stronger intrinsic values—including belief in the social good and environmental values—tend to live more sustainable lifestyles. They are also more motivated to build their own knowledge, skills and capacity to do more for the common good.

You can learn more about energy reduction with a sustainability workshop.

Envision: intelligent energy reduction

Learn more about reducing your energy impact at home and on campus with Envision